By Paul Scanlon

Roll Your Own Comments

After seeing the following Tweet by Fauna inviting users to take part in the Write With Fauna challenge i decided i’d submit a proposal post topic.

For those not in the know Fauna is a backend database solution… and it’s so awesome! I’m very much the Front End of Front End development and usually don’t care for backend services, that’s usually something for the mega dweebs to on. 😲


After i read the Fauna docs i was amazed at how simple it was to understand. I believe it’s the perfect compliment for the Jamstack movement and when thinking about how to demonstrate it’s potential i focussed on how to combine Fauna with a Gatsby blog.

The post contains details of how to create a full stack Gatsby application and how to setup Fauna to act as a way to store and retrieve comments made by users on your blog posts.

Fauna agreed it would indeed make for an interesting post but after i submitted my first draft it was suggested that the post really ought to be published somewhere with a larger reach.

On May 21 2020 Fauna published my post to CSS Tricks. This is huge win for me as i’ve only been writing technical content for a short while.

If you’d like to read the full post you can find it here

Oh and here’s the demo application:

… feel free to leave a comment on one of the posts ✏️


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