By Paul Scanlon


This little plugin was as a result of seeing this tweet

where Federico Zivolo was asking how to create a menu for .mdx files used in a project.

demo 🚌

This is quite an easy thing to do if you’re understand how gatsby-source-filesystem works but if you’re coming to Gatsby for the first time and you’re aim is to just get up and running it can be a bit confusing when you swtich from .js to .mdx

This little plugin aims to provide a quick way to query your file system and return the slugs and navigation labels of your .mdx files

To use it i recommend popping it in the defaultLayout file defined by gatsby-plugin-mdx

// defaultLayout.js
import React, { Fragment } from 'react';
import { Link } from 'gatsby';

import { MdxRoutes } from '@pauliescanlon/gatsby-mdx-routes';

export default ({ children }) => (
        {(routes) => (
            {, index) => (
              <li key={index}>
                <Link to={route.slug}>{route.navigationLabel}</Link>

MdxRoutes returns it’s children and sends back data for the slug and a navigationLabel which you define in the frontmatter of each of you .mdx files

navigationLabel: Page Title

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