By Paul Scanlon


Project Overview

In this demo I set out to show how data transfer works between the browser, the server, and the database. You may be surprised to learn how far data has to travel!

The Edge actually started life as My Cockroach Labs Interview App but with the upcoming launch of CockroachDB Multi-Region Serverless I thought I’d add a few more features to better demonstrate the advantages of a distributed SQL database when combined with Multi-Region application architecture.

The Distance from Data to You in Edge Computing

It can be a tricky concept to grasp so I wrote about the project for The New Stack. You can read that post here: The Distance from Data to You in Edge Computing.

Edge - full screen globe

Another nice part of this demo was investigating the limitations of Vercel Serverless Functions. This led me on to discovering what could be achieved by developing directly using AWS.

The demo app is built using Next.js and deployed to Vercel and contains one single region Serverless Function. I also developed a multi-region geographically aware AWS API and deployed x3 Lambda Functions to the same regions as the CockroachDB multi-region databases.

Vercel Single Region Serverless Function

Vercel Single Region Serverless Function

AWS Multi-Region Lambda Function

AWS Multi-Region Lambda Function

You can see the distances data travels by toggling between the single region Vercel Serverless Function and the multi-region AWS Lambda Functions — spoiler alert, distances will likely be shorter when routed through AWS.

Each user’s location, Serverless Function, Lambda Function and CockroachDB Database is plotted around an interactive 3D globe so you can explore these distance using a more familiar method.

All user locations are approximate and anonymous, so go head, click submit and lemme see your Edge!

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